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Jonathan Barona

Jonathan Barona

Manager, Scholar Services, Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Full Bio

Jonathan is a Manager of Scholar Services for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF).  He is responsible for providing retention support to HSF scholars and managing special scholarship programs.  Jonathan supports HSF’s mission of a college degree in every household by serving as a resource for HSF scholars and providing guidance and tips to help scholars succeed in college.

He has more than 5 years of experience in the nonprofit sector with a strong work ethic and track record of effective and efficient use of time and resources.  Experience working with K-16 students and parents in all aspects of educational, personal, and professional development.  Concentrating mostly on the college going process including experience in outreach, recruitment, and retention of Latino college students.

Jonathan was raised in south Florida and is of Colombian decent.  He has traveled the world and prides himself in being open-minded and being able to see things from other people’s perspective.  Jonathan holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from The University of Central Florida. He currently lives in Austin Texas and shares office space at the local community college.

I am privileged to work with amazing scholars.  I am motivated every morning because I know that the work I do is directly leading to the success of our scholars.  I am inspired by every scholar I see walk across the stage on graduation day.  I have the opportunity to assist in the creation of innovative tools to better serve our scholars.  For all of these reasons I love my position with HSF and will continue to do my best to encourage and serve all of our scholars.

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