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George Cabrera

George Cabrera

Miami Advisory Council, Hispanic Scholarship Fund

President & CEO, ASPIRA of Florida, Inc.

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President/CEO, ASPIRA of Florida, Inc.

ASPIRA of Florida, Inc.’s Board of Directors announces the appointment of George Cabrera as President and CEO. ASPIRA is one of the largest youth agencies in the United States that serves thousands of Hispanic and other minority youth through innovative and creative youth leadership programs and charter schools. A landmark presence in Florida for over thirty years and nationally for more than fifty years, ASPIRA has helped transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, as well as their families and communities.

Many successful and noteworthy individuals including politicians, teachers,scholars, doctors, lawyers, entertainers, engineers and other professionals are proud to call themselves ASPIRANTES-former students who have undergone the ASPIRA process and curriculum.

Mr. Cabrera possesses unique personal qualities and professional skills that have resulted in his very successful track record at ASPIRA. As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), he was primarily responsible for ensuring fiscal responsibility and discipline, strategic planning, and revenue and asset growth to ensure the financial stability of the organization. His business acumen, vision and creative business models resulted in an impressive growth in ASPIRA’s revenue and a substantial increase in assets through the purchase of its charter school facilities.

His ability to successfully master the complex legal and financial transactions necessary to help ASPIRA grow earned him the respect of the Board, as well as the non-profit, financial and legal communities. This expertise allowed Mr. Cabrera to become part of a small and prestigious group within the non-profit sector that is extremely knowledgeable about the New Market Tax Credit Program, which fosters investment in low income communities. Through this program, Mr. Cabrera was able to secure financing for the purchase of ASPIRA’s charter school buildings. As a result, Mr. Cabrera was invited to a Congressional Briefing to speak on the impact of the New Market Tax Credit Program on the non-profit sector.

As the son of Latino parents, I witnessed firsthand the sacrifices my parents and grandparents made when they moved to the United States. Through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, I am inspired to honor what my family did for me by giving our youth the financial and educational resources needed to achieve their dreams. 


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