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Nely Galán

Nely Galán

Member, Board of Directors, Hispanic Scholarship Fund

President & CEO, Galan Entertainment, Founder, The Adelante Movement

Full Bio

Latina media dynamo and women’s empowerment advocate Nely Galán, dubbed the “Tropical Tycoon” by The New York Times Magazine, is one of the entertainment industry’s savviest firebrand talents.  A first generation immigrant and self-made media mogul, Galán was the first Latina president of a U.S. television network (Telemundo). She is an Emmy Award-winning producer of over 600 episodes of television in Spanish and English, including the FOX hit reality series “The Swan” and is the first Latina to appear on “Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump” on NBC. She regularly electrifies audiences with her experiences as one of the first Latina producers in Hollywood and her rise to become a successful media and real estate entrepreneur as well as an inspirational speaker and passionate advocate for the empowerment of Latinas everywhere.

The Adelante Movement (Move Forward!) founded by Nely Galán, is a grassroots movement that unites and empowers Latinas socially, economically and politically in the U.S.  It encourages Latinas to play a leading role in American society, economics and politics and become an integral part of the national conversation, in order to provide their children with the future they deserve, as a rightful part of this country. The Adelante Movement: Tour is a series of national empowerment conferences, supported by a digital community, presented by the Coca Cola Company, that inform, mentor and inspire Latinas to take action!

Galán has also owned and operated her own media company since 1994. Galan Entertainment has launched 10 groundbreaking television channels in Latin America, and has also produced a staggering 600 episodes of programming that crosses all genres from reality series to sitcoms, telenovelas to talk shows, in both English and Spanish.

I am a media entrepreneur who just took a four year sabbatical and went back to college and completed my BA, then a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. If I can do it all, Latinas can do it too. I am committed to improving the future of Latinas and our children and it all begins with taking ourselves to a higher place of knowledge and education, which in turn helps us dream a bigger dream.

My son knows there is no option, education comes first- if I could do it and I am "old" then there are no excuses for him.

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