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Nely Galán

Nely Galán

Member, Board of Directors, Hispanic Scholarship Fund

President & CEO, Galan Entertainment, Founder, The Adelante Movement

Full Bio

Dubbed the "Tropical Tycoon" by The New York Times Magazine, Nely Galán is a women's empowerment and entrepreneurship advocate, an Emmy Award-winning television producer, and a serial entrepreneur. Her Company, Galán Entertainment, is a dynamic, multicultural media company, that has created more than seven hundred television shows in English and Spanish and helped launch ten channels around the world. The first Latina president of a U.S. television network, Telemundo, Galán is also the founder of The Adelante Movement, a digital platform and national tour that inspires and trains Latinas in entrepreneurship. She is the author of The New York Times Bestseller Self-Made, Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant and Rich in Every Way, (Random House), to be published May 31st 2016, about the revolution in women entrepreneurship led by multi-cultural women worldwide.

I am a media entrepreneur who just took a four year sabbatical and went back to college and completed my BA, then a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. If I can do it all, Latinas can do it too. I am committed to improving the future of Latinas and our children and it all begins with taking ourselves to a higher place of knowledge and education, which in turn helps us dream a bigger dream.

My son knows there is no option, education comes first- if I could do it and I am "old" then thereare no excuses for him.

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