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General Questions

Find the answers to your general questions below:

  1. How much are HSF awards?

    HSF scholarship award amounts range from $500 - $5,000, the average award amount is $2,500.

  2. What may the scholarship funds be used for?

    Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, fees, books, and other academic related supplies, as well as for room/board and transportation expenses related to school.

  3. Where does funding for the HSF scholarships come from?

    Funding comes from a variety of sources.  The majority of our funds come from corporations and foundations that have an interest in the higher education of Latinos.  Some of our funds also come from individual giving. Click here to view our sponsors.

  4. Does HSF offer scholarships for K-12?

    No. HSF scholarships are to fund students enrolled in college. However, HSF does provide outreach programs for middle and high school students planning on attending college.

  5. Does HSF provide scholarships for summer school?

    No.  HSF awards are for the academic year in which you applied.

  6. Does HSF offer any internship opportunities?

    A number of our scholarship programs have a voluntary internship component. For the programs that do, HSF or the scholarship donor will contact eligible applicants with further information on how to proceed with the internship process.

  7. Does HSF provide scholarships for study abroad?

    HSF funds can be applied to costs associated with study abroad if: 

    • You remain enrolled in your home university;
    • The program occurs during the normal academic year; and
    • You will be receiving U.S. college credit towards your degree

    To demonstrate this, you must submit an enrollment verification form from your (U.S.) home university (only if you are selected to receive an award).  Enrollment verifications from institutions abroad will not be accepted.



  8. I’ve read through the FAQs, what if I have more questions?

    If you still have a question after reviewing the FAQ’s, and it does not concern your online application, please contact us.




    IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to protect a student’s confidential information, HSF cannot disclose student information to third parties (i.e. parents, friends, counselor, teacher, etc.).  Applicants must contact our office directly. 

  9. I have started an application, but did not finish; did i lose all of my information?

    No, it is all there. When you log in to myHSF with your new login,  then click on Scholarships, scholarship application then you will be taken to our scholarship system. Click on the left hand login using myHSF and you will see all of the work you have already done. We are making some changes to eliminate some confusion so you will be seeing some additional changes coming soon.

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