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Supporting Documents

Find the answers to your questions concerning required documents below:

  1. Can I fax or mail my required documents?

    No.  Documents sent by fax will not be accepted.  Documents sent by mail will not be accepted. 

    For more information and instructions regarding required documents, sign into your student account at Online Application Management System and click on “Show Instructions” next to the “Submit Required Documentation” section.

  2. How can I upload my transcript onto my application?

    You are required to upload your academic transcript(s) by the given scholarship deadline.

    Scan and upload a copy of your transcript(s). The transcript may be unofficial provided that it clearly indicates your name and institution.  You may click "view" after uploading your transcript(s) to verify the document is legible.

    After your transcript is uploaded, the status of the document will change from "Not Received" to "Pending Verification".  

    Your transcript(s) must include your cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale.

    If your question is not answered and you require additional assistance, please contact us for any further assistance.

  3. I have more than one transcript to upload. How do I upload multiple transcripts?

    If you have more than one transcript to upload, you must scan all documents into ONE file then upload it to your student account.

  4. I am a legal permanent resident or eligible non-U.S. citizen. What documentation do I need to submit to HSF?

    Citizenship Verification is generally processed through the Student Aid Report (SAR).  If you are an eligible non-U.S. citizen, supporting documentation may be required:

    • U.S. permanent resident, with a Permanent Resident Card (formerly known as an Alien Registration Receipt Card or "Green Card”)
    • Conditional permanent resident (I-551C)
    • Other eligible noncitizen with an Arrival-Departure Record (I-94) from the Department of Homeland Security showing any one of the following designations: “Refugee,” “Asylum Granted,” “Indefinite Parole,” “Humanitarian Parole,” or “Cuban-Haitian Entrant”

    *Documents will be reviewed to determine eligibility

  5. Where do I send my documents?

    Documents sent by mail or fax will not be accepted.  For more information and instructions, click on "show instructions" in step 4 of your HSF account.

  6. Where do I send my Recommender Evaluation Form?

    Please send Recommender Evaluation Form to HSF. Click here to contact us.

  7. Where do I send my Student Aid Reports (SAR) pdf?

    Please send your student Aid Reports (SAR) in pdf format to HSF. Click here to contact us.

  8. Who should I indicate as my recommender?

    A recommender is the person who you wish to complete the online recommendation form to include as part of your scholarship application.  Your recommender must be an instructor or an advisor.  If you have been out of school for two or more years, your recommender may be your most recent employer.  The recommender cannot be a family relative, friend, or co-worker.

    You should pick a recommender who can address the following items:

    • Academic record, plans, and goals
    • Personal strengths: including motivation, leadership, and commitment
    • Community service and extracurricular activities

    Your recommender must complete the electronic Recommendation Form online.  Instructions about the Recommendation process will be emailed to your recommender within 24 hours after you begin a scholarship application in step 2 and/or 3.

    Please be sure to ask your recommender prior to submitting their name and email address to us.  You want to be sure they are agreeing to complete the online recommendation form for you and to let them know they will be receiving correspondence from us in regards to this.  We ask that you, as well as your recommender, add to your/their address book in order to ensure our emails are received by the recipients.

  9. How do I know if my recommender has received the email and if he/she has submitted the online recommendation?

    Follow up with your recommender to verify if they have received the email from us as we are not able to determine that.

    It is the applicant's responsibility to follow up with their recommender to verify if they have or have not received the email from HSF and if they are completing the recommendation by the recommender’s deadline date.

  10. What is my recommender's deadline to submit the online recommendation form for my application?

    Recommenders will be able to see their deadline by logging into the account we have set up for them.  Login information is provided to them via email we send out once you have applied to scholarships in steps 2 and/or 3.

  11. In lieu of the online recommendation form, can I just submit a paper letter of recommendation?

    Paper Letter of recommendations will not be accepted.  In order for your application to be complete, your recommender must complete the electronic recommendation form online.  Please be sure to ask your recommender prior to submitting their name and email address to us.  You want to be sure they are agreeing to complete the electronic recommendation on your behalf and to let them know they will be receiving correspondence from us regarding this.  We encourage you and your recommender to add to yours/their address book in order to ensure our emails are successfully received.

  12. What if my recommender is having technical difficulties logging into the recommenders site?

    Ask your recommender to contact us using the email address that you provided in your application.  Ask them to provide us with your name and the technical issue they are encountering.  Please know this address is ONLY for recommenders who are experiencing technical difficulties.  Students/applicants should contact us using the message center while logged onto their student account.

  13. What is the FAFSA?

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (known as the FAFSA) is a form that can be prepared annually by current and prospective college students in the U.S. to determine their eligibility for student financial aid (including Pell grants, work-study programs, and loans).  The U.S. Department of Education begins accepting the applications beginning January 1st of each year for the upcoming academic year.  For more information regarding FAFSA, please see their site:

    *Please note that you can apply for financial aid before you file your taxes.  Corrections to your(FAFSA) application can always be submitted after you and/or your parents have filed for taxes.

  14. What is a Student Aid Report (SAR) and why do I need to submit one?

    The Student Aid Report (also known as SAR) is a report of the FAFSA responses and is produced by the U.S. Department of Education once it has been filed using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The SAR contains information the student provided on the FAFSA as well as the federally calculated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) result.  The financial aid office, of the students institution, will use the information contained in the SAR in order to determine the student's eligibility for Federal Pell Grant and any other federal student aid programs.  HSF uses the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) calculated on the SAR to determine the students financial need.  For more information, please see forms page.

  15. Can I submit my school’s certification of enrollment, or one from the student clearinghouse, rather than the HSF Enrollment Verification Form?

    Yes, there are several options to submit an official enrollment verification form to HSF. You can go directly to your institutions registrar’s office and request an official enrollment verification form 


    You can submit an official enrollment verification from the National Student Clearinghouse.  This is an organization that most of the U.S. institutions are registered with in order to provide this service to students at an expedited process.  You can go to their website at and for a small nominal fee, you can obtain a PDF version of your enrollment verification


    You can download HSF's enrollment verification form located under "forms".  You can take this form to your registrars office in order to have them complete it.  Please be sure to complete the student portion of the HSF form and that your registrars office has completed all questions of their portion. 


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