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Making the Transition from High School

Making the transition from high school to college can be just as challenging as deciding on a college or university. We recommend new students to arrive as early as possible and get settled into their new housing arrangements. 

Here are some tips to help make that transition easier:

After Graduation 
You can still get advice and counsel from your high school mentors and counselors up until you get to your new college campus. Once you get to your campus, start looking for substitute mentors and counselors. Join organizations which reflect your interests so you can begin making new friends.

  • Attend summer orientation at your college or university
  • Communicate with your professors
  • Get involved with organizations
  • Get help when you need it

Many schools, during freshman orientation, help students familiarize themselves with the many sources of help on campus. Tutors, study skills centers, counselors, minority affairs offices, and other help sources are all available for students making this exciting but sometimes difficult transition.

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