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Applying for Scholarships

Find the answers to your questions concerning scholarships below:

  1. How do I apply?
  2. Do I need an email account to apply for a scholarship?

    Yes.  Please note that if you use a “.edu” address, please be sure to periodically check your spam and/or junk mail.

    *Please note, that each applicant must use their own personal email address and not a family member’s email address.

  3. Does HSF accept paper applications?

    No.  Applicants must submit scholarship applications using the online application system.  Click here to be redirected to our student application site to begin to apply.

  4. I am applying to multiple universities. What university should I put on my application?

    If you are undecided about which university you will attend, please list the university that you will most likely attend.  Applicants advancing to the next phase will have an opportunity to change/update their intended institution information.

  5. Is there a fee to apply?

    No. Scholarship applications should never require a fee.

  6. Can I still apply after the deadline?

    No.  Once the deadline for that particular application passes, the application will close and will no longer be available for that academic year.

    We have a number of applications with specific timelines.  You can view each programs specific deadlines and timelines by viewing the scholarship program descriptions page.

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