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Find the answers to your questions regarding donations below:

  1. How much of my donation goes to help students and their families?

    At least 93 cents of every dollar goes to scholarships and support to students and their families. Click here to see how your donation benefits students and their families.

  2. How can I make a donation to HSF?

    Donations can be made by Phone, Mail or FAX using this form. Make an online donation by clicking here.

  3. I cannot make a donation at this time, but how can I support HSF?

    A great way to support HSF is to volunteer for HSF activities, like mentoring a student in your community or volunteering to help at our workshops and special events, like the Alumni Hall of Fame in New York, the Leaders in Education awards in Los Angeles, and other alumni and professional networking events throughout the U.S.


    Please contact us to let us know you'd like to help or you can visit Unique Ways to Give for other ways to give to HSF

  4. How do I know HSF is using my donation wisely?

    HSF has consistently maintained the highest stewardship standards since its founding more than three decades ago in 1975.


    HSF has received A+ rating for 15 years and earned the Top-Rated Charity Seal by the American Institute of Philanthropy's CharityWatch. HSF has also received the GuideStar Exchange Seal for transparency. We maintain an open book policy and you can always check out our audited financial information posted online.

  5. What is HSF’s Tax ID number?

    The ID number for gifts to HSF is # 52-1051044.

  6. How do I update my personal information with HSF?

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