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Scholarship Process and Selection

Find the answers to your questions regarding the selection process below:

  1. How are students selected?

    Successful candidates are selected on the basis of academic achievement, financial need, personal strengths, and leadership.  All completed applications are evaluated by ACT certified readers. Once they have been evaluated, we then begin our rigorous process of selection. Some scholarships are open to all class levels, institutions, majors and locations whereas, there are others that have more specific criteria that we must match eligible applicants too.  It is important that the applicants "intended" school information on their application be as up to date as possible prior to our selection process.

  2. Are HSF scholarships based on merit or financial need?

    Successful candidates are selected on the basis of academic achievement, financial need, as well as on personal strengths, and leadership.

  3. I do not come from a low-income family. Do I have a chance to receive a scholarship?

    Yes. Financial need is only one aspect of many that we look at when selecting awardees.

  4. Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

    Yes. You can apply to as many scholarships that you are eligible for.  However, you may only receive one HSF scholarship per academic year.

  5. Can I receive more than one HSF scholarship per academic year?

    No. HSF strives to help as many Latino students attend college as possible.  You can apply to as many as you are eligible to apply to; however, if you are selected to receive an award, you can only receive one award per academic year.

  6. I have a really high GPA and consider myself a strong candidate. Why didn’t I receive a scholarship?

    Every year we receive many excellent applications and only have a limited number of funds to award. Unfortunately, the applications we get from deserving students greatly outnumber the awards we have available. As such, we have a very competitive process and sometimes even the strongest students do not get selected.

    It’s also important to remember that if your application is not complete, you will not be considered for a scholarship. Many bright students miss out on opportunities because they submit incomplete applications. Take charge of the application process by :

    • Following up with school officials as well as recommenders and making sure they have completed the forms they’re responsible for correctly and on time.
    • Make sure to follow all instructions carefully.
    • Have a teacher, counselor or parent look over your application to make sure you didn’t overlook anything.
  7. I have been selected, and am, or will be, enrolled at more than one institution to make me full-time; am I still eligible for the scholarship?

    Documentation between your home institution and host institution will be required. You must submit the following items:

    • Enrollment Verification Forms from each campus you are attending
    • A copy of official documentation from your home institution (i.e. Consortium agreement; Dual enrollment; Transient agreements, etc.).  If you are unsure what a Consortium Agreement is, please visit your academic advisor
    • A brief written explanation as to why you cannot be full-time at one campus

    *It is important that these documents are mailed to us in one envelope in order to avoid delays in reviewing and processing your documents.  We will need to review the documents first in order to make the final decision.*

  8. I have been selected and I applied for multiple scholarships. Can I wait to see if I can get a higher award amount?

    Our intentions are to match the best scholarship to the selected students.  Selected applicants are placed in the best programs possible. Once you are selected for one scholarship, you are out of the running for the other applications you submitted. We highly encourage you to accept the scholarship offer as there are no guarantees a better scholarship will be offered.

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