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HSF Newsletters

HSF Insider

HSF Insider is a monthly publication, issued the first Monday of every month, offering career opportunities, internships, call for volunteers to get involved and give back, and other insider access exclusively for HSF Scholars and Alumni.

HSF Student Journal

The Student Journal is ideal for students in High School or College that want to continue to receive updates from HSF as there are always opportunities to participate in webinars, events and volunteer opportunities. This newsletter goes out Monthly.

HSF Scholar Times

Scholar Times is reserved for HSF Scholars for us to share Career Internships and Employment opportunities that our Corporate and Community Partners make available. In addition sign up for this newsletter to get the insight on events and volunteer opportunities in your area. This newsletter goes out monthly.

HSF Alumni Post

The Alumni Post is especially designed for our HSF Alumni with opportunities such as jobs, alumni role models, and special event invitations as well as informational on how to get involved with our community and help pay it forward. This newsletter is issued on a quarterly basis.

HSF Community Chronicle

The Community Chronicle is set up for educational professionals and others within our partner community nation-wide. Stay connected with HSF and our events as we partner to help support Latinos in Higer Education.

HSF Amigos Today

Amigos Today goes to individuals who want to stay connected with the happenings at HSF and love to hear the stories of the impact that HSF has on people's lives. This newsletter goes out monthly.

HSF Educators Monthly

Educators Monthly is an online publication started for Education Professionals. In it you will find the latest information on events, webinars, outreach programs and other opportunities to get a great understanding on how getting to college and funding your student’s education can work for you.

HSF Parents Press

Parents Press provides updates on upcoming events, webinars, outreach programs and opportunities to help you better understand how to get your child to college. It will provide you with more information on how you can help your child during college and what resources are out there to help fund their education.

HSF Periodico Para Los Padres

Periodico Para Los Padres es una publicación para los padres informandolos sobre los próximos eventos, seminaros y oportunidades que puede ayudarlos a entender cómo pueden ayudar a sus hijos assistir la universidad, como pueden ayudarles mientras esten en el universidad, y los recursos para financiar su educación.

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