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After You Apply

Below are the answers to common questions regarding what happens after you apply:

  1. When will I know if I am selected to receive an award?

    Notification dates vary for all programs, please check back within the scholarship description to see specific dates for specific scholarships.

  2. Will I be notified if I do not receive an award?

    Applicants who complete the application process will receive a notification.  All notifications are sent via email once the selection process has been completed and to check the status of your application, please refer back to your HSF Student Account.

  3. Are scholarships renewable?

    Most HSF scholarships are single year awards, while some of our programs are renewable.  Since we will not know at the start of our application cycle what programs are to be renewed, we highly encourage students to re-apply for HSF scholarships each year as a new applicant.

    If the scholarship you received is renewable, you will be contacted sometime during the spring term with renewal instructions. Be sure your contact information on your HSF profile is current.

  4. How do I update my personal profile information in my online application?

    You can click on the "Profile" link which is located on the upper left hand side of the page once you are logged into your HSF Student Account.

    Here you will be able to update the following information:

    • Email
    • Password
    • Address
    • Phone Numbers

    * Please note:
    You cannot change/update responses to your Academic Profile (step 1) once it is submitted. Also, application responses cannot be changed/updated after they have been submitted in Steps 2 and 3.

  5. If I am selected for a scholarship, when should I expect my disbursement?

    Scholarship awards are contingent upon proof of full-time enrollment. See "Payment Pending" above. Click here to download the HSF Enrollment Verification Form. Verification of full-time enrollment must be submitted at the start of your fall term. If your institution does not fill out third party verifications, you can request an official document from your schools Registrar's office.

    E-mail your enrollment verification to

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