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Alba Peña

Alba Peña

Development Coordinator, Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Full Bio

Alba Pena is the Development Coordinator at the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF).  She assists the Development and Events teams execute all functions involving corporate donors.

Prior to HSF, Ms. Pena served as the Marketing Coordinator at the television network, American Latino Syndication, a division of LATV networks.
While working on her undergraduate degree, Ms. Pena was active in various student leadership groups such as ALPFA, HSF Scholar Chapter, and SEAD.  An HSF scholarship recipient herself, Ms. Pena was attracted to its philanthropic efforts and welcomed the opportunity to join the HSF team.  “It’s a perfect fit.”
Ms. Pena received her B.S. in Marketing and Finance from New York University Stern School of Business.

Ms. Pena currently resides in New York City with her dog, Dexter (named after Dexter’s Laboratory). In her spare time, Ms. Pena enjoys expressing herself on canvas.

I think the best of being part of HSF is learning of all the life changing stories that recipients have to share.  Such stories remind me of when I received my award letter, and they push me harder to do a better job at what I do with not just the hope, but the knowledge, that many more Latinos CAN and WILL graduate from college thanks to the work we do.

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