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Maria Alba

Maria Alba

St Edwards University

Peierls Scholarship Award year 2011


Maria’s involvement with HSF began when she yearned to attend a smaller, private college and realized her parents couldn’t afford the tuition. Maria was awarded the Rising Stars scholarship in 2012 to help her with her aspirations to be a U.S. Marshall or work for the FBI. HSF’s mission to help first generation students is what motivated Maria to be more involved. HSF staff, like her scholarship director Jonathan, inspires Maria to be more involved and help others. She explains, “Jonathan always teases me about being an overachiever in regards to HSF, but helping other students so they can better themselves makes me happy. I am pretty familiar with the process of applying so why not help them?” One of Maria’s favorite aspects of HSF is the network it creates for her, “It’s great to have a network of like-minded people who support you, and want you to succeed. It’s not just the alumni or staff; it’s being able to meet other college students who are in the same situation as you. It’s a great feeling; all possible through HSF”.

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