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Mentor Match FAQs

Learn frequently asked questions about HSF's mentor match program.

  1. What is asked of mentors?
    • Pass background screen and attend mentor training session
    • Send one bi-weekly email to your mentee on a topic HSF provides
    • Meet with your mentee quarterly
  2. What is asked of mentees?
    • Attend a mentee training session
    • Send one bi-weekly email to your mentor on a topic HSF provides
    • Meet with your mentor quarterly
  3. How does it work?

    The HSF Mentor Match program matches HSF scholars with mentors based on career aspirations and interests.  Pairs get to know each other through a combination of bi-weekly emails and quarterly meetings.  HSF provides matches with email prompts that are designed to help pairs build a relationship and help students achieve their career, academic and personal goals.

  4. How do I sign up?

    Students interested in being paired with a mentor can complete an application by joining MyHSF and selecting be a mentee under the Get Involved section of your MyHSF profile page.  For those interested in being a mentor, select the be a mentor box under the Get Involved section of MyHSF.  Please note that there are a maximum number of spaces in the program. Applications are evaluated on a quarterly basis and new matches are made as spots become available.  In the meantime we’ll keep you connected to the latest HSF news and opportunities! 

  5. What do I do if I am already part of HSF’s Mentor Match program, but don’t have a mentor assigned?

    If you have already been set up on our Mentor Match program, go to  to connect with your assigned mentor or mentee.

  6. I have additional Questions about the program; how/who do I ask?

    You may contact us with any questions regarding the Mentor Match program.

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